Friday, February 16, 2018

Some lyrics from some tunes from Cardinal Cardinal!!!

Hello Song
by Gina Ferragame

Oh oh oh, welcome to music today
Oh oh oh, let's get together and sing and play
Oh oh oh, we're gonna learn new things and say, "Hip Hip Hooray"
We're gonna have fun my sweet little ones
Come along, come along, come along

Right here in this moment, moment, moment
Right here in this moment, we're sharing it all together
together now!

(get out your guitars)
Do do do do do...


It's A Special Day
by Gina Ferragame

It's a Special's a special day
Of being with you...of being with you
Having so much fun...having so much fun
My little little one

Gonna give you a squeeze, squeeze, squeeze
Gonna give you a kiss, kiss, kiss
Gonna give you a hugga, hugga, hugga, hugga
And a little dip!

We love to sing...we love to sing
We love to play...we love to play
We love to dance...we love to dance
And say "Hooray"...and say hooray


by Gina Ferragame

Love is all around us
Let's all sing it together
Sing it high, sing it low
Sing it everywhere you go

La la la... la la lovey lovey
la la la lovey lovey
L..O..V..E.. love

Give a high five, give a high five...repeat
Give a tickle, give a tickle....repeat
Give a hug, give a hug, give a hug....repeat

Everybody jump, everybody jump jump....
Everybody dance everybody dance dance...

Everybody clap, everybody clap your hands...


I'm Gonna Ride My Bike
by Gina Ferragame

I'm gonna ride my bike
Won't you ride with me?
Zoom zoom zoom
Across the moon
Today, today, today

The sun is shining bright
my sneakers are on tight
I'll race you to the big oak tree
And back again, back home


I like to pedal fast
And feel the wind in my hair
like flying over my neighborhood
I'll meet you up there


Monday Monday Monday
by Gina Ferragame

Monday monday monday
Tuesday tuesday tuesday
Wednesday wednesday wednesday
Thursday Friday
Saturday Sunday

These are the 7 days of the week... 4x's


These are the 7 days of the week...4x's


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Check this Out!!! hahahaha! "Cardinal Cardinal"

 Look what Mommy caught on her baby monitor last night!!  Sophie is singing her little heart out!  I love this so much!!!!

Family Music Love

I LOVE getting to see so much love flying around the music room!!!

"It's Reeeaallly Good To Be Different"

  Go Lea!!!!!

Emma's request after her surgery- MUSIC!

 This is Emma, after her tonsil surgery- She wanted her stuffed bunny and her Music with Gina CD to listen to.  OMG. I was so touched to hear about this!  I was so honored to be with her after her surgery and bring some extra healing vibes.  Sweet brave Emma!  and parents!