Sunday, June 24, 2018

Studio with the Families and Friends!! SO FREAKIN" AWESOME!!!!

  yea, this totally summarizes what it felt like in the studio with my community all around me.  This is all a dream and it is even sweeter sharing it ALL with YOU!!!!

 do you see my Mom and Dad? I think I was warning everyone (my dad) to follow me with the clapping cues.  haha!  they were so cute!!!  I just loved having them there!!!

 Ma and Pa. Vincent and MaryBeth Kazanicka:)

 Linda Regan with her delicious children: Asher, Elise, and Finn.  i love them so much!!

 this cutie is Gus and his mama, Jenai- you can hear his squeels (which I'm keeping in the mix) on "We Need Love"

 Here's Amanda Panella with little Rose and Vincent!  little rock stars.

 look at these angels!!!!!

 taking a listen to it all!!!!  WOW!!!! all smiles in there!!!

 Melissa and Michael and Samantha and little Roger Manning- Ava Manning isn't in this picture- I believe she was signing autographs.

 you know this little munchkin.  my girl.

 What a sweet family!  Jessica and Dave and little Nate!!!!  Olivia was in the car with Grandma.  I'm their number one fan!!!

 Linda Regan- xoxoxoxoxo!!!!

 Monica Davis- xoxoxoxo!!!!

 a pic from Meredith Jacoby from her instagram page @merjacoby. thank you!!  and she also took almost every one of these pictures!!  

I won't forget this day....ever!!!!  Thank you, everyone, for your generous hearts and boundless spirits!!  I can't wait for everyone to hear you!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NO Tuesday Music today

I'll be at my sons' school picnic this morning!

See ya at the next class!!!


Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Red Oaks School in Morristown NJ- Spring Concert

What an awesome experience I had in Morristown NJ at The Red Oaks School!!!  Thank you, everyone, for being in the moment with me and singing on this beautiful spring evening together.  Special thanks to incredible the music teachers who made it extra special- Tim Waters, and Jennifer Lee Knittel.  xoxoxo forever.  go etown!

holy moly.

from left to right:  Jennifer Lee Knittel, Tim Waters, Mariama O'Brien, moi, and Linda Regan.  These are magical people.  truth.

the children were so fun!  We were singing "Cardinal Cardinal" together!

this guy.  he makes stuff happen.  Thx Tim!

hitting the road together!  Mariama and Linda!!  

awwww, these kids surprised me!  they sounded sooooooo sweeeeeet!!

I'm so grateful for this experience with y'all!  Until we meet again....

Monday, May 21, 2018

Studio pics/clips from 5/20!! SO FUN!!

What an incredible day in the studio!  Raji CRUSHED anything he played.  Alonzo KILLED those drums.  Glenn DESTROYED the board with his mad skills.  It was incredible to watch them.  I'm so humbled to be around y'all!  And I cannot wait to share all of this happy love music with YOU guys!!

i love his little groovin' self!!!  Go Phoenix (9 yrs)!!

Raj captured my expression as we recorded our track together.  I was blissin' out to play and perform wth my boys :)))  what an experience. The boys loved it when Mommy messed up a take!  haha!
 Phoenix also played some tin whistle!

so proud of them!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Studio pics from 5/14!! What an incredible morning!!

I will not forget this session- it started off with the amazing GUNA PUNTEL- laying down her violin on "Purple Turtle."  It was so special to watch her smile and play and feel her sound flying all around that studio.  Thank you, Guna, for your artistry and making my soul stretch.

NEXT- the incredible 5th Grade Choir at Erdenheim Elementary crushed it with their performance of "We All Stand Together"  woohoo!  ANDREW PUNTEL, their extraordinary choir director, and I cheered them on as they sang!  That was crazy fun!  Thanks to Erdenheim Elementary for letting these awesome kids have a field trip to come and record a song at Morningstar Studios with me!!

Real quick before I attack you with pictures and videos from the session....  OK, so this new album is all about community and love and lifting each other up and being the best non-perfect beings that we can be.  So, Springfield Township is MY community and I knew right away, I want them singing right beside me.  As soon as I reached out to Andrew about possibly getting his choir to sing on my new record he was already saying, "YES!"  I didn't even send him the song yet!  And his beautiful wife, Guna- come on!  I am so honored she also agreed to play!!  These two beings are pure love and light and made of music in their souls.  I am so thankful we are all one big community.

Here are some pics/videos!

 thank you, Guna.

 the kids are warming up :)  they are pros.

 Greeting the crew!!

  our dance moves totally inspired these 5th graders.  

  we are cheering for Glenn behind the glass!  He stood up and bowed for us!

thank you GLENN BARRATT at Morningstar Studios for being such a star engineer for our crew this morning- you made it easy!!  And Andrew, my partner in crime- we were getting sillier and sillier.  so fun!

Can't wait for y'all to hear these beautiful voices!!!  xoxoxo,g